Webinar "Sustainable Water Use"

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On March 21, Maria Zhevlakova (St. Petersburg), an expert in the field of the environment, conducted a webinar-consultation for the participants of the project “Education for sustainable water use”. The webinar was devoted to the analysis of teaching materials and recommendations for the preparation of materials for publication in a thematic compendium.  Maria paid special attention to the stages of the lessons, noting the need to reduce the material on the presentation of the new cognitive information and, on the contrary, devote more efforts to the interactive, debatable form of work and activity-based approach of training. The most attractive and interesting lessons will be those aimed at finding original, rational and creative solutions in matters of saving water resources of the region and the Onega Lake.  It is planned that the manual on lessons for water use should be practice-oriented, while aimed at the formation of values ​​and life skills.