One step towards more sustainable waste and energy solutions (KA5043)

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KA5043 One step towards more sustainable waste and energy solutions

The goal of GreenSol-project (KA5043) is to develop environmentally friendly waste and energy solutions for selected pilot sites. Four areas with high nature and recreational values in Finland and Russia have been selected as pilot sites. The pilot site in Finland is Ärjänsaari Island, which is located on Lake Oulujärvi and managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

The Ärjänsaari project group visited Ärjänsaari Island in October to plan the activities of GreenSol-project. Development Engineer Matias Ristimella from Oulun Energia brought energy-related know-how in the planning team, and architect student Marisa Tofferi from the University of Oulu gave important comments from the architectural point of view. 

On the field trip we visited three buildings that will probably be equipped with solar panels during the project. Furthermore, we discussed the future use of buildings, the need for electricity and different solar energy solutions. Thanks to the field trip, the project has now started properly, and we are looking forward to the future actions!

Anni Koskela, Project Manager, Metsähallitus