First presentation of the project

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Today we presented our project to the public for the first time at a business event “Business week”!

Within the “Business week”, a seminar “Modern opportunities of the telecom industry fir business” was held by the SAMPO.RU company.

At the round table, the participants presented the latest products of virtual ATSs (automatic telephone systems) and video monitoring, resolved cases on the savings on IP telephony and the Internet without loss of quality.

The main aim of the event was to discuss how the modern capabilities help conducting business, which innovations are being adopted right now, and which changes will happen to the business in the nearest future in the republic of Karelia.

The speaker appearing on behalf on the project was Evgeny Ivashko, a senior research scientist of the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research of KarRC RAS (the lead partner), also the head of OOO Small Innovative Enterprise “Arvata” (partner).

Evgeny told about aims, scope and key problems of our project and the program CBC Karelia as a whole, and discussed with the participants of the seminar all questions of interest.