New waste collection points are being set up in Vedlozero

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Collection point in Vedlozero

WasteLess Karelias project is entering the new project year. Last year in the Rep. of Karelia, we had to focus on the arrangement of new waste collection points. In order to decide how they should look like, we had to take into account all the delicacies of the current sanitary legislation, but also to foresee the future of this legislation, as we do want our collection points to serve in five or ten years.

To this end we decided not to make a capital concrete base, but to mount platforms on mobile slabs, which, if necessary, can be hooked up, lifted and moved to another place. The fence is also designed so that, firstly, it can be carried along with the slab, secondly, it can be easily repaired in case of damage, and thirdly, it will be possible to add a roof, a gate, and a ramp in the future (in case the law directly prescribes such changes, and plastic containers appear instead of the current metal ones).

To date, two small collection points for 1-2 containers have been made. Two bigger ones, for 3-4 containers, will be ready by the end of the month. Our design is simple and functional. New container lids will also be available soon.