Navigation system design for Joensuu museums continues

Submitted by KA9021 on
The navigation system planning for improving tourist facilities for museum travel continues in the Joensuu museums. The museums are in no shortage of talented collaborators with whom to implement visitor-friendly navigation signs to improve the accessibility of each museum visit. The navigation system must be clear and concise, and the signs placed intelligently, so that visitors have easy access to the information they are looking for.
The museum staff met with one such talented collaborator, graphic designer Antti Schroderus. Large improvements to the existing navigation systems and signs were planned in the meeting, without overwhelming the facilities with text. Good practices were taken from the suggestions of the KA3088 CultureOpen project, as well as other museums’ solutions for multilingual and pictogramic navigation signs. The other cultural tourism actors of the City of Joensuu were also taken into account in order to integrate and linearize navigation systems design.