Mystery of Carpentry

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Presentation of the books

Two books were published within the project “Ethno-architecture of Fennoskandia”.

The album “Mystery of carpentry” (author – Andrey Kovalchuk, design – Inna Kazakova). The album presents graphical and information materials on wooden architecture. It is aimed at drawing attention of the wider public to the stages of building and preservation of wooden buildings.

“Restoration of historical wooden elements” (author – Andrey Kovalchuk, design – Sergey Bezruchko). offers the recommendations how to restore elements of the monument. Alexander Luybimtsev, head of the department of the Kizhi Museum, says: “The book is based on the great practical experience. The results of this experience were approved by specialists of all levels, and annual ICOMOS missions prove that fact… There is no analogy of this guideline. This book will be in demand”.

The books are interesting not only for specialists on wooden monuments but also for persons, which are interested in wooden architecture and carpentry. Books have pictures and are written in two languages: Russian and English.

Books were presented on the Kizhi Island for the participants of ICCROM course. Each of them received a book as a gift and now books are spread over 14 countries. Besides that a few books were sent to the library of The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM). This is one of the biggest library in the sphere of preservation and restoration of cultural property in the world. Specialists from all over the world use the materials from this library.

Andrey Kovalchuk is not only a good specialist – head of the Carpenter Centre of the Kizhi Museum - but also he is a teacher of the training center on preservation of wooden architecture. He gives lectures and practical training on restoration of historic elements, carpenters technologies, tools and constructions.