More master classes for kantele players

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Kantele master classes in Petrozavodsk

From 9 to 11 April, 2021 master classes on “Diatonic Kantele: Playing, Teaching, Creating” were held for the Kantele Ensemble artists and kantele teachers from Petrozavodsk, Kondopoga, Sheltozero and Kvartsitny. Master classes were arranged by the Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble “Kantele” in the framework of the Kantele-GO! project.

On the first day of master classes musicians practiced playing techniques on 5-string kantele and learned traditional tune “Engelska” in Antti Rantanen’s style. A joint discussion of the video concert “Kieleet kaikuu kartanossa” by Minna Raskinen and Timo Vaananen led to the search for new techniques in kantele playing and further discussions.

On the second day of the Kantele-GO! master classes on “Diatonic Kantele: Playing, Teaching, Creating” musicians participated in the lecture “Traditional Karelian Kantele in Museum Collection” by Natalia Mikhaikova from the Kizhi Museum,  practiced kantele tunes “Tähtitanssi” and ”Pumpulia” by Sari Kaasinen under the supervision of kantele teacher Tatiana Trunova and learned improvisation approach in kantele performing with the help of Anna Kovaleva, the teacher of Kondopoga Children’ Music School, who earlier participated in masterclasses by Hanna Ryynanen “Composing and Improvisation in Kantele Teaching”.

Last day of the Kantele-GO! master classes on “Diatonic Kantele: Playing, Teaching, Creating” was devoted to practice of kantele playing techniques and acquaintance with traditional tunes “Hienohelma" и "Orvokin ostan äidilleni” for 10-sting kantele by Teppo Repo and "Polun varrella" for two 5-string kantele by Martti Pokela with an advice from kantele teachers Svetlana Kobeleva and Tatiana Trunova.