Methodical Center for theatre programs will appear in Petrozavodsk

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Methodical Center for theatre programs will appear in Petrozavodsk

The Theatre Innovation Hub will open in Petrozavodsk in April, as a result of "Theatre Crossroads" project of the cross-border cooperation Program "Karelia".

The Theatre Crossroads project has two stages of implementation: educational and creative. The first stage included a series of educational seminars and laboratories:

- workshop-laboratory on the methodology of creating baby performances;

- laboratory " The Demidov Acting school»;

- seminar " The Demidov Acting school»;

- summer theatre workshop;

- workshop for theatre technical specialists;

- summer theatre camp and laboratory «The Art of Movement».

Actors and technical specialists will apply their new knowledge and skills in the second stage of the project, when they will create the final performances during the summer theater camp in June 2020. The Audience will be able to see the performances during a border territories tour in August 2020.

All theoretical materials of Russian and Finnish experts that were presented and used during educational programs will be accumulated in the Methodological Center of theatre programs. The project also creates a series of educational videos for the Methodological Center in three areas: theatre art programs, secrets of professional skills and inclusive programs.

Theoretical materials and videos will be distributed to theatres, amateur groups, children's theatre studios, and will also be freely available on the Internet for a wide audience.

 The center will operate on the basis of the Theatre Union of the Republic of Karelia. 

Programme is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.