Kizhi Area in Vkontakte

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Группа Вконтатке

The cooperation with local community is one of the most important conditions for solving problems. At the same time we have to take into account the peculiarities of the territory of the project – the villages are situated on many islands, transportation between them and “the big land” is difficult, or even, especially in off-season, is impossible. In winter many people live in Petrozavodsk or other cities and wait for navigation season. To set up sustainable communication with the target group was one of project goal.

The group “Kizhi area” was created in the social network Vkontakte for operational exchange of information. Vkontakte is the most popular social network in Russia and many local people already have accounts there and use them. Information about important news and events are published on this page. Different institutions use it for announcements and consultations of local community. News in the sphere of land management, fishing, hunting, transportation, electricity, which could be useful for local people are published in the group. Information about the project events are also published in this group. At the moments there 584 followers.