Kirill Sbitnev will be the director of the landscape performance

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Kirill Sbitnev

Kirill Sbitnev will be the director of the landscape performance of the "Theatre Crossroads" project.

At the end of February Kirill will come to Petrozavodsk to get to see Karelian actors and discuss the details of the production. The main work on the performance will take place during the summer theater camp in Karelia, in which 20 actors from Finland and Russian Karelia will take part.

Several actors of The National Theatre of Karelia have already worked with Kirill Sbitnev. Last summer they participated in the laboratory held by The Theatre of Nations. At the territory of Pushkin museum-reserve in Pskov region, together with Sbitnev they staged a landscape performance "Boris Godunov", highly appreciated by critics.

Kirill Sbitnev (born 1984) is an actor and director, graduated from Saint-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy with a degree in Drama Theatre and Cinema (Workshop by G. I. Dityatkovsky).

2007 - 2011 – worked as an actor at the "A.P.T.О. " (Moscow).

2008 –  "Letters to Felicia" (by letters and diaries of F. Kafka) - first work as director at the Theatre of Nations.

Since 2010, cooperation has started as a director from the Russian side with the English director Donnellan.

Since 2011. - a full-time director of the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre, as well as a director and educator of the VGIK (workshop by I.N. Yaslovich) and the director of the Russian TV's Culture.