Kantele-GO! Youth Forum in Kostomus has started

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kantele workshop by Nadezhda Drobyshevskaya

On February 5, 2020 the Kantele-GO! Youth Forum started in Kostomus. The Forum united more than 60 young kantele performers from Petrozavdosk, Kostomuksha, Voknavolok, Kalevala, Pryazha, Essoila and Kondopoga.  This year kantele forum is located in the runosong area close to the  Finnish - Russian border  where the Kanteletar Festival is also held at this time. During the next 5 days young kantele performers will practice kantele,  study new performing techniques and  learn new kantele music pieces with the help of experienced teachers. They will have chance to get o know each other and visit all Kanteletar Festival events.   

On the first day of forum Olga Vlasova, the Kantele-GO! project manager made a project presentaion to the young kantele performers and their teachers and kantele players also made their mini concert presentations.

On the same day young musicians who perfrom on chromatic kantele   started their rehearsals with Nadezhda Drobyshevskaya, a kantele teacher from the Art School in Petrozavodsk, and diatonic kantele players  - with Alevtina Voitovich, a teacher from the Petrozavdosk State Glazunov Conservatoire.

There will be more master classes and lessons  for young musicians and, of course,  rehearsals of the united kantele orchestra for the final concert!