"Kantele-GO!" got all partners on board

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Partnership agreement signed

The partnership agreement was signed between the Kantele-GO! project and the National School of Arts of Pryazha district on March 20 by Tatiana Temnysheva, the director of the Kantele Ensemble, and Larisa Prokopenkova, the director the National School of Arts of Pryazha district  and the project coordinator in Pryazha.  

As per the agreement the partner shall focus on promoting interest to kantele music among young  people, one of the main target groups and beneficiaries of the project. Kantele Youth Forums will take place in Pryazha in 2019 and 2020. The forums will be held in the form of creative music laboratories and workshops on kantele performing techniques and targeted at music teachers and their students from the Republic of Karelia and Finland. New traditional music instruments such as bass kantele, alto kantele and kantele prima  as well as the equipment for an animation studio will be purchased within the Kantele-GO! project to enhance kantele music development among young musicians. 

Other partners of the Kantele-GO! project  - the University of Eastern Finland  in Joensuu  and the Runosong Academy in Kuhmo, signed their agreements earlier this month.