Kantele-GO! artists joined Runosong Kantele Camp in Finland

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Participants in Petrozavodsk

The Kantele-GO! project and the Ensemble "Kantele” artists took part in a unique kantele camp that was held from June 16 to June 20, 2021 in Mekrijärvi, Ilomantsi, Finland. 

The teachers are Liisa Matveinen (runosong) and Arja Kastinen (kantele). Liisa (MMus) is specialized in the runosong tradition of Simana Sissonen and Mateli Kuivalatar. Arja (DMus) is specialized in the Karelian kantele improvisation.

The course was organized by Temps Oy in collaboration with Tmi Matveli, The Contributional Society of Sissola and the Adult Education Center of Ilomantsi (Ilomantsin kansalaisopisto). The camp is supported by the Kalevala Society (Kalevalaseura), the Rantalan Virta cultural association and the MES foundation.

Kantele players and folk vocalists from the Republic of Karelia had a chance to participate in the camp due to the live streams of kantele and runosong lessons arranged by Arja Kaistinen for the Kantele-GO! project. The teachers paid increased attention to the development of composing and improvising skills and sustenance of all kinds of creative thinking in general.  The participants were familiarized with the two most famous runosingers of Ilomantsi: Simana Sissonen and Mateli Kuivalatar, and learnt the old plucking technique of the kantele and the aesthetics of creative music making inside the runosong culture.

The participants from the Republic of Karelia express their gratitude to Arja Kaistinen and Liisa Matveinen for the possibility to get valuable knowledge while being virtually present at the camp.  

Project  partners: The Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble Kantele (Russia), University of Eastern Finland, Runosong Academy (Finland), National School of Arts named after V. Kalaberda of Pryazha District (Russia).

The Kantele-GO! project is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland within the framework of the Karelia CBC Programme.