Kantele Fusion MusicLab at Sortavala music school

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KanteleFusion in Sortavala

On March 20,2021 the Kantele Fusion MusicLab took place in Sortavala. Music students of the Sortavala children' music school along with the Kantele-GO!  artists participated in the creative workshop.  

Musicians practiced the newly learned methods of interaction with the public when all together they create music illustrations by using a narrative approach in improvisation.  Music composition "Aika" by Sergei Stangrit bacame one of the main themes for kantele experiments.  The audience also performed Eriskumainen kantele that united Russian and Finnish musicians in the project and listened to other music pieces created or arranged by the Kantele-GO! team. 

The Kantele-GO! project is thankful to the director of the Sortavala chidren music school Elizaveta Tkacheva for her cooperation and hospitality. 

Project  partners: The Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble Kantele (Russia), University of Eastern Finland, Runosong Academy (Finland), National School of Arts named after V. Kalaberda of Pryazha District (Russia).

The Kantele-GO! project is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland within the framework of the Karelia CBC Programme.