Interview with Johanna Keinänen

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Interview with Johanna Keinänen

Museums of Joensuu and comedienne-writer Johanna Keinänen were interviewed by national broadcaster for regional radio and television broadcasts.

Johanna Keinänen is a comedienne, dance artist and writer based in Northern Savonia in Eastern Finland, just neighbouring the province of North Karelia. Keinänen has choreographed, written and acted in numerous projects in the field of musical theatre, as well as film. As a comedian, Keinänen is known for her beloved stand-up character “Tyyne Kettunen”, gaining thousands of new fans during the coronavirus quarantine for the character’s uplifting and whimsical humour over social media.

The national broadcaster YLE interviewed the Museums of Joensuu and Keinänen about the development of the audio guides, the importance of the audio guide service for tourists and visitors with disabilities, as well as the role humour and dialogue can play in making an engaging and interesting new museum experience. Keinänen explained her vision of the audio guides being that of an “expansion” with elements of sympathy, slice of life and dialogue embedded into the stories contained within the museum walls.

The interview (in Finnish)