International ICCROM course “Wooden architecture conservation and restoration”

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This year the participants of the International ICCROM course at the same time took part in the project “Ethno-architecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century”.

One of the project goals is development of educational programmes and resources in the sphere of preservation of wooden architecture with usage of experience of all partners. The ICCROM course helped not only to test our methods and practices but attract more participants from 14 countries, exchange experience, gain knowledge and develop educational programmes, because participants of the ICCROM courses are not students but experienced specialists. Best teachers and experts from other countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland) were involved in the ICCROM course thanks to the project “Ethno-architecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century”.

Participants from Finland:

Erka Pajula – participant of the ICCROM course, specialist on the preservation of wooden architecture, works in the restoration department of the Finnish Heritage Agency. Erka worked on restoration of many wooden monuments of the Open-Air Museum Seurasaari – the one of the biggest museum in Finland, situated on the island near Helsinki. There are more than 90 monuments in the museum. Erka also presented his activity on training in the sphere of conservation and elaboration of the instructions for the Finnish Heritage Agency.

Netta Björk and Marko Huttunen, architects, represented architectural company Livady, and also Aalto University in Helsinki, joined the ICCROM on Kizhi Island. They took part in ICCROM work and read lectures about wooden World heritage sites of Finland and conservation experience.

The International ICCROM course were held in Petrozavodsk and on Kizhi Island from 26 of August till 14 of September.