Getting ready for the Art. An interview with the Project member Sergey Terentyev.

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Interview with Sergey Terentyev

An interesting interview with Sergey Terentyev, ideologist and initiator of the new international project Karelian Art-Residency Network and Art Tourism was published in the Karelian online newspaper.

The project is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland under ENI Karelia CBC programme. The main partner of the project is the Tourist Information Centre of the Republic of Karelia. The Finnish partner is Karelia Expert Oy from Joensuu. From the Russian side, the partners are Social and Cultural Youth Centre from Sortavala and Kostomukshsky State Nature Reserve.

The possibilities of creating the network of the Art Residencies in Petrozavodsk, Sortavala and Kostomuksha regions and their case-specific approach were discussed during the interview. Different destinations of the art residencies' work could give the opportunity to invite artists from various fields of contemporary art. The partners from Sortavala are interested in hosting professional dancers, designers, and architects, whereas Kostomuksha Art Residence will be aimed at working with nature photographers, scientists, and painters. But the collaboration between partners and art residencies is the main idea of the project.

Creating new touristic programmes, experience exchange in the field of contemporary art, inviting new specialists and carrying out activities for local communities are also the priority of the project. The focus is also to show the locals from both sides of the border that art contributes to cooperation and friendship because as neighbors we have much in common: the way of life, territory, and nature.

Moreover, Sergey is sure, that the project gives an opportunity to show Russian modern art in other countries, to open new communication possibilities for the country, to present our young talents. Building the communication system through the art is one of the main goals for the project partners. The Finnish partners serve an example for the Karelian ones; they will be the key experts and advisors. They have a huge experience in contemporary art practices and that is why they are interested in the project.

As a conclusion, Sergey underlined the necessity of the project's visibility. It means that locals, tourists, specialists in contemporary art would participate in the project as the beneficiaries. They could visit different workshops, exhibitions, art performances, and seminars to follow the development of the project.

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