Festival Network of the project "Big Music for Small Cities" is about to begin

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Big Music for Small Cities_Fest Network

The Big Music for Small Cities project brings together North Karelian art festivals in a two-part online seminar on November 17 and 24, 2020. The purpose of the seminars is to encourage North Karelian art festivals to network, gain new keys for success and find peer support.

The speaker and coordinator of the seminars will be Susanna Markkola, Visit Finland's Culture Finland program manager, who will introduce the festival representatives to an inclusive and informative networking day.

The first day of the seminar will focus on examining the festival’s own territory: Awaken to reflect on the festival’s attractions, target groups, and elements of the festival experience. Anna Tomchik, Project Manager of Big Music for Small Cities, Director of the Directorate of Festivals and Culture of the Republic of Karelia, tells the story of Ruskeala Symphony, a music festival founded in 2017. Anna Rauhansuu, CEO and designer of Myssyfarmi Oy, explains how she ended up cooperating with Nightwish and how the Myssy x Nightwish collection was created.

The second meeting on November 24, 2020 will deal with festival services for tourists. We delve into marketing strategy, current trends and markets. In addition to Susanna Markkola, Aleksandra Shakhnovich, Visit Finland's Russian tourism expert, Annika Huotari, Marketing Manager of the Joensuu City Orchestra and Sirpa Lahti, a cultural, tourism and communications company from Maetka, will lead the topics.

The networking seminar will continue in January, when, in addition to the festival organizers, representatives from the fields of tourism, accommodation and restaurant services will be present.