The exhibition begins with a design project

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design project

Despite the fact that the museum’s doors were closed for 2 months, the museum staff continued to generate ideas and to prepare the museum for the future reception of guests and tourists.

On the agenda is a new section of the permanent exhibition dedicated to the world-famous epic-poem “Kalevala”. For many artists and other creative people “Kalevala” is a great source of inspiration! The museum collection, illustrating Kalevala in various genres and techniques, is considered to be the “golden fund” and deserves to occupy a separate place in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia.

As a theater begins with a coat rack, so any exhibition comes from a design project. And the more difficult the task for the team is, the more creative ideas appear. The design comes from the thematic and exhibition plan, which includes the concept of the exhibition, developed by the curator and the design team, as well as a list of works that need to be presented. How do we choose from several hundred works the best ones? How do we sustain the story-line? How can we show great names, genres and techniques? In disputes and dialogue the truth is born! The next stage is the organization of space, the creation of an atmosphere that would immerse the viewer in the mysterious world of Kalevala! Despite of millions of ideas, the design is limited by various official standards and safety requirements.

A group of professional designers from St. Petersburg — Anastasia Dubrovskaya and Andrey Skritsky — was invited to work on the Kalevala exposition. The museum has a positive experience of cooperation with this team, and it is a great pleasure to continue working together on a new project. The designers created the magic rune singing forest, the egg room, the Tuonela river, the cover from the Sampo mill and much more in the museum’s exposition. A new view on the epic poem, interactive components, modern equipment and complete immersion awaits the guests of the exposition!

Since the design project is approved, we are waiting for its implementation with a great anticipation! The exhibition, which is being created as a part of the KA9021 project “Museums in Focus: the development of cultural services for Chinese tourists” (within Karelia CBC Programme 2014 -2020, funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia), is planned to be opened in 2021.