European Cooperation Day and the Big Music for Small Cities project

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European Cooperation Day

In 2020, the European Cooperation Day was held in an unusual form. A weekly "Project Hunt" was organized to get acquainted with the projects. The Big Music for Small Cities team not only prepared several locations related to the project for everyone to visit. During the week, visits to the project hunt locations and meetings were organized with other projects of Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

The Consulting Center of the Northern Crafts ID project (KA8028) was the first meeting point. It is a very comfortable and atmospheric place for the development of craft entrepreneurship in Karelia. Project leaders Svetlana Kolchurina and Aleksey Tsykarev talked about the results that have been achieved this year, and about upcoming educational programs for handicraft workers.

During the meeting at the State Educational Organization of the Republic of Karelia "Educational Development Institute" project manager Anna Tomchik visited the project "New horizons of culture" (KA9011). Together with the rector of the institute Olga Dyachkova and the project manager Elena Bogdanova, the colleaugues discussed how to manage to move towards achieving the set goals under the conditions of existing restrictions.  Constructions works have already been completed in one of the premises of the institute, and soon a cultural and educational resource center will begin its work here.

In the end of the week, the Big Music for Small Cities project team visited the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia to get acquainted with the results of the great work done by the InterActive History project. The model of the Round Square in Petrozavodsk of the 18th century and the new exhibition "Stories of the Round Square" allow one to see the history of the city and the museum collection in a completely different light. During the meeting the director of the museum Mikhail Goldenberg shared his ideas about developing online technologies in work.

And, of course, the team of the Big Music for Small Cities project found one of the most interesting locations for a photohunt in Petrozavodsk - a photo zone with objects from the Peer Gynt. Three novels landscape play of the Theater Crossroads project (KA3118), carried out by the lead partner National Theater of Karelia.