"Ethno-architecture of Fennoscandia in XXI century" has started

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Meeting of project partners

First activities took place on the 5 of February. The lead partner – the Kizhi Museum – met with the programme coordinators Jarkko Kärkimää and Heli Laitala and discussed financial management of the project, budget, reporting and audit.

Meeting with the partners from Oulu Vocational College was conducted. Ansii Mallinen, the teacher and his colleagues took part in the meeting. Partner discussed detailed plan of activities, dates of upcoming activities.

Next event – International Seminar «Training of specialists in the field of cultural heritage conservation  in Russia and Finland» based at the Oulu Vocational College will take place on th 25 th of February. During the seminar partners will present educational resources, programmes and methods of training specialists in the sphere of preservation of wooden architecture.