EDUWATER: Finnish teachers exploring in St. Peterburg the new ways to teach Sustainable Water Use

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visit to St.Petersburg

Teachers representing seven municipalities from North Karelia and agents for the Joensuu’s water treatment plant visited St. Petersburg to get new ideas for Sustainable water use education in Finland. The training trip took place on 25–26th February and was organized by cross-border project EDUWATER.

The tour started from Krestovsky ostrov / Centre of Ecology and Biology, which is one of the largest additional education institution in Russia in the field of ecology and biology. The idea is that kids learn – according their interest – about chemistry, medicine, biology etc. after their ordinary school hours. Kids learn by taking care of the over 100 decorative and cultivated plants found at the institute. There are 40 different education programs, designed for school kids of all ages.

“Surprising how eager the kids are to learn, even after the ordinary school day”, commented one of the visitors.

Next day the group explored the complex of St.Petersburg Water Channel "Water Universe". The museum welcomed the visitors with its impressive “water” space including visually forceful video shows as well as and practical experiments on the properties of water. The specialists working at the museum organize over ten interactive programs under the water team for kids from preschool to teenagers.

“I was amazed how remarkably the flood has been effecting the people’s life in St.Peterburg. It was interesting to learn the many aspects of the water.”

The visit to the Chilldren's educational center of St.Petersburg Water Channel complemented the trip of the Finnish teachers. At the Centre the students are working together to solve problems connected to water use also in global scale. The colorful and visually rich environment inspire kids to study and learn about water including the sustainable use of it.

“We need this kind of places to take the kids to learn. Practical experiments make understand where the tap water comes from and to think twice how to use water in everyday life. Kids love the games – and so did I “, teachers were laughing when leaving the Centre.

“We got plenty of ideas how to develop Sustainable water use -education. How to make it easier to approach and more concrete. The visit inspired to think more aspects of water: from chemistry to the complex socioeconomic issues of the sustainable use of water.”

Within the EDUWATER project the Finnish environmental institute SYKE will go on developing and producing educational material for “Sustainable use of water” to be used in the schools and to increase the awareness of the general public.