Culture Open advices on accessible communication and reliable Coronavirus advice

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Culture Open has compiled an info package on reliable Coronavirus information

Culture Open has compiled in its blog useful information and advice on accessible communication and the Coronavirus in both Finnish and English.

In the Finnish section of the blog, a visitor may find detailed instructions on how to improve accessible communication online:

Culture Open ohjeistaa sähköisessä saavutettavassa viestinnässä

There are also handy infographics of the instructions:

Sähköisen saavutettavuuden ohjeistus nyt myös kätevinä infograafeina

There is also an extensive information package on easy-to-read Coronavirus advice in Finnish:

Tietopaketti saavutettavasta koronaviestinnästä

The English-language section of the blog also contains an information package on reliable Coronavirus information and advice multilingually available in Finland:

Reliable Coronavirus information in Finland available in many languages