CULTA - Joint event with Polar Bear Pitching 12.3.2019 in Oulu

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Polar Bear Pitching

CULTA organizes joint event with Polar Bear Pitching 12.3.2019 in Oulu

Event aims to activate new entrepreneurs and give a great opportunity to meet and develop a network among similar type of actors and bring them together in an international and innovative environment. It's an event where innovative mindset and in-field experience collide. 

Our approach to an event is to present pitching from the point of views of investor/business angel/venture capitalist, entrepreneur and student to give a realistic picture and good ideas for new entrepreneurs in field of creative industries and business. 

Among speakers we are glad to present CEO of Fightback, an entrepreneur Mr. Pekka Hyysalo, product manager Mr. Risto Lustila from Business Finland and young entrepreneur from Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Mr. Joel Lähdevirta

What is Polar Bear Pitching?

For more information:

Kim Wasama, Project Manager 


Juhani Rusachenko, Project Coordinator 

+358 403521491