Creating a baby-theatre performance

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baby-theatre performance

The Puppet Theatre of Karelia is working on a baby performance "Cubes". The creation of the production is the final stage of a long preparatory process that began with the workshop-laboratory "Methodology for creating a baby theatre" in October 2018 as part of the project.

The director of performance - Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya, stage artist - Julia Viktorova, movement designer - Aleksandr Kozin, the actors are Irina Budnikova, Vlad Timonin and Ekaterina Shvetsova.

For two weeks, in a specially created space - semi - transparent tent, actors will look for a way to interact with objects, partners and potential "viewers".

The audience of the "Cubes" is children about 10-12 months old who don’t know yet that they are spectators and ready to be actors, actively explore the world and get their own experience of interacting.

The performance will be shown with the opening of the theatre season in the Puppet Theatre of Karelia. Also the video version will be created and presented to the audience on both sides of the border.