Church of John the Baptist in Lelikovo Village

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Church in Lelikovo

Long-awaited event: on the 4th of August the cross was put on the tent-top roof of the bell tower of the Church of John the Baptist in Lelikovo village!

Two years ago volunteers of the project “Revival of wooden churches of the North” under the direction of the museum specialists and in the framework of the project “Ethnoarchitecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century” have started conservation of tent-roof of the church. The tent-roof with the cross (it was lost) was difficult to access.

In 2019 wood materials, bought by the project money, were transferred to Lelikovo. Wooden scaffolding was constructed by volunteers and the museum workers.

This year work in Lelikovo has been continued. Volunteers of the project “Revival of wooden churches of the North” together with the specialist of the All-Russia Center of Wooden Architecture Preservation made roof sealing and put the cross, made with help of the Carpenters Center of the Kizhi Museum.

Today, on the 5th of August the Protoiereus of the Kizhi Parish Pavel Lehmus will consecrate the cross.

Volunteers will paint the tent-roof and partly reassemble wooden scaffolding. Scaffolding will be left for the local people, interested in the reconstruction of the church, to continue conservation of the lower part of the church by themselves.