Capacity building programme Business Skills for Craftsmen

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Picture by Svetlana Kolchurina

Northern Crafts ID opens registration for a new educational programme "Business Skills for Craftsmen"

Our course will offer important knowledge and skills for craftsmen who is willing to start or develop their businesses. The programme's content is based on the feedback received from craftsmen themselves and is a combination of online and offline learning opportunities. Craftsmen will be able to interact with each other and exchange experiences and success stories across the border. The project will also deliver extensive self-learning materials. 

If you live and work in the Republic of Karelia (Russia), North Karelia or Oulu region (Finland), and if you would like to boost your business, learn how to become an entrepreneur or find new partners, go to one of the following links, fill out a short form and join us in the coming fall. Acceptance for the course will give you access to unique knowledge, useful materials and talented people. Call for application is open until September 10, 2020 in Russia and August 31, 2020 in Finland.

Sales and marketing, turning a business idea into a business strategy, the economy of a craft enterprise, communication and partnerships, using traditions in planning craft products - these and other topics from the best experts from Russia and Finland will be the focus of the educational program. The programme starts on October 7, 2020.

A limited number of participants will be accepted. Participants from outside the Karelia CBC region can also apply and could be accepted upon availability of seats. Successful applicants will be informed by shortly after the deadline.

For North Karelia

For Oulu region

For Republic of Karelia