The Big Workshops continuing in Petrozavodsk

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Big Music_workshops_Ptz

The next very awaited event of the Big Music for Small Cities project is behind!

Workshops of outstanding musicians Boris Andrianov and Sergei Dogadin have taken place in Petrozavodsk!

Again a new experience, the tasks caused by the closed borders, and again the lessons of "Big Music ..."!

The workshops were a breeze. The soloists, who were lucky to become their direct participants, would have preferred not to stop gaining invaluable experience from renowned musicians.

However, in the given time, the masters managed not only to give recommendations on the technique of performance, sound production and reflection of the music nature, but also to touch upon the historical facts related to the composers and the period of time in which their creative path had fell.

Those who could wait for a pause after the end of the workshops, had a chance to watch a short blitz in Russian. The maestros took the time to answer the questions they liked most of all, which had been received from the participants before.

For some time, the recording of the broadcast will still be available online on the website of the Karelian State Philharmonic

Many thanks to the masters Boris Andrianov (cello) and Sergei Dogadin (violin), and to the soloists: Ilia Dosyak (cello), Vasily Savin (violin), Ioann Lapin (cello) and Katri Hänninen (viola).