Big Music for Small Cities_Working session in Petrozavodsk_21-22 Jan'21

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Big Music for Small Cities_session in Ptz

In 2021 the Big Music for Small Cities project carried out under Karelia CBC Programme continues to implement one of the most important project components - strengthening professional competencies and introducing new tools to promote music art and implement cross-sectoral initiatives on both sides of the border.

On January 20-21 in Petrozavodsk a joint working session with an emphasis on academic music will be held for representatives of festivals from the Republic of Karelia.

Evgeny Stodushny, the lecturer at the GITIS Department of Production and Management of Performing Arts, the Director General of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic Society and the member of the Board of the Russian Union of Concert Organizations, will be the moderator of the training module. He prepared a special two-day training module for representatives of municipal, regional and federal institutions of culture and education, as well as organizers of Karelian festivals from the non-profit sector.

The training will be based on the concept “Cycle. Planning as the key to success in art”, developed by the DeVos Institute of Arts Management (USA) and the fundraising system created on its basis. The principles of the concept are the development of the activities of a creative organization or project in four areas: creative product, marketing strategy, formation of a loyal donor audience and financial efficiency.

Based on his practical experience Evgeny Stodushny will talk about fundraising using the example of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic Society and its projects.

The program assumes maximum involvement of all participants through discussions and practical exercises. An important component of the module will be the opportunity to present and review with the moderator specific cases proposed by the participants.

All the topics of the training module are aimed at working out the features of marketing in the field of culture. The task of the joint working session is to analyze these features and develop effective marketing strategies considering the needs of a particular organization or a project.