Autumn master classes in creative work with children with special educational needs

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 Осенние мастер – классы в творческой работе с детьми с особыми образовательными потребностями

The program of the Russian-Finnish project "New Horizons of Culture" includes master classes for children with special educational needs and their parents, as well as for teachers. These events are held at the Horizons Center on the basis of the Karelian Institute for the Development of Education.

On November 8, a master class on printing on fabric was held. The participants were 6 children and 6 parents. The leading mentor was Ayla Kinnunen from Joensuu, a future defectologist. Co-host-expert Tatiana Gavrilova organized and conducted a master class at the Horizons Center.

Many of the participants of the master class like to draw, they draw with their fingers, then with a brush for a long time, they drew with their palms … But not only a finger or palm can leave an imprint ... you can draw with almost anything that can leave a trace. At the master class, they learned to print on fabric with potatoes. With the help of prints, amazing drawings are obtained, because everything works out for the child, you only need to put paint on a potato stamp and press it to the fabric. Parents are actively involved in the creative process. Depending on the child's desire, a different number of stamps and a different number of colors of paints were used.

Thanks to this technique of printing on fabric, the child develops fine motor skills, imagination, coordination of movement, creative thinking.

The works of the guys turned out to be unusual, bright and not predictable.

Drawing kits with stamps are sold in stores, but you don't have to run to the store! You have everything you need at home, at hand!

And so, from what to make a stamp? We look around... anything that can leave a trace will do! For example, potatoes. Wash the fresh potatoes thoroughly with soap and cut in half. Cut out any figure from the halves: a square, a triangle, a circle, a leaf, a heart, a snowflake, etc. By the way, you can use any solid vegetable or fruit instead of potatoes.


On September 29, 2021, on the basis of the Horizons center, a master class for children and parents was held on the topic "Upcycling in creative work with children with special educational needs" (making jewelry in the form of balls from discarded material (multicolored garbage bags).

Artists all over the world have learned to make fashion accessories and stylish things from unnecessary recyclables. Upcycling is becoming popular in Russia as well. Literally from English it is called upcycling - that is, processing with improvement. Upcycling is one of the best options for converting garbage. "After all, we still have not solved the problem of recycling," Russian ecodesigners believe. To keep our home and the environment clean and beautiful, it is necessary to properly dispose of those things that become unnecessary.

Natalia Yuryevna Lukina, a speech therapist of the highest category of MDOU No. 11 "Pinocchio", and Yulia Safonova, a teacher of the highest category of MDOU No. 11 "Pinocchio", conducted a master class. Teachers work with preschool children with severe speech disorders.

The master class was attended by pedagogical workers of the Republic of Karelia (deputy principals, primary and primary school teachers, speech therapists, educators) working with schoolchildren with special educational needs. Many teachers have decided to conduct classes on this topic with children in their educational organizations.

The result of this master class exceeded all expectations. Each participant got his own interesting decoration, his own "masterpiece"!

In November, workshops on paper plastics and ink painting of porcelain will be held.

The project team invites everyone to work