"The Art of Movement" workshop on June 10-15, 2019 in Joensuu

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Tiia-Mari Mäkinen (oik.) toimii workshopin ohjaajana

Workshop in Joensuu, Niittylahti 10.-15.6.2019


DIRECTOR: Tiia-Mari Mäkinen
Tiia is a Finnish drama professional with a wide experience of movement theatre and drama education. Cornerstones of her education are movement-based expression and mask theatre. She is a trained drama pedagogue, and she is specialized in Lecoq-pedagogue in Brussels and in Commedia dell’Arte in Italy. She is continuously teaching in USA, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Portugal and Belgium.

Trough exercises, the workshop is an intensive introduction into the world of physical theatre. Are we aware of what our body language communicates to surrounding world? How can we create an illusion of space, emotion, or voice? How do the silence and emptiness are being transformed to the story?

This workshop puts the body and the performer in the center of the action. Before costumes, props and stage designs can exist we shape the stage with our bodies. We will explore how to express our thoughts through our bodies. We will find out how to engage our bodies into action and how the non-verbal communication can become an extension of spoken text and psychological character work.

We will work with several genres from comedy to melodrama and tragedy. Though practical exercises we will learn from text-based expression, mimics, mask theatre, choir technics, Commedia dell’Arte and, clownery. We will learn basics of mimics, telling stories on the empty stage and increase our body consciousness. We will explore physical role creation and combination of movement and text.

Finnish applicants: send a free application and CV to janne.hyytiainen@riveria.fi. Dead line 15.5.2019!
Additional information: tiina.ynnila@venajaseura.com, 0400 640 526

This workshop is part of Theatre Crossroads project, funded by Karelia CBC program. This workshop is organized by Finland-Russia-Society, North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium Riveria, and Theatre of Joensuu