The SUPER project 1st-year results presented on the major forums in Saint-Petersburg and Kostomuksha 

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SUPER project representatives at the XVIII Strategic Planning Leaders Forum

On October, 1 the SUPER project interim results on the pilot territories of the Kizhi skerries were presented at the III International business forum «New business opportunities» in Kostomuksha (Republic of Karelia). Y.G. Protasov, the project specialist from Kizhi Museum, presented on the topic «The Kizhi Museum’s experience in waste management on Kizhi Island: problems of waste sorting». The report was presented within the Round table «Green technologies – the potential for attracting investments». The forum was also attended by project leader A. A. Smirnova, project expert I. N. Shevchuk and the project coordinator from the University of Oulu A.Shveykovskiy. 
On October, 28 the project leader A. A. Smirnova (Association «North-centre») presented the SUPER project on the International Round Table «Republic of Karelia: Experience of Fund-Raising and Interactions with Foreign Partners – Science, Education, Business, Culture, Environment» held within the XVIII Strategic Planning Leaders Forum in St. Petersburg. The round table was attended by more than 30 people – representatives of the regions of the North-West of Russia, Finland and international organizations.