Vodlozersky NP introduces SUPER project 2019 results to the seminar participants

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On December 17, 2019, an educational seminar within the SUPER project was held on the Vodlozersky National Park territory. The participants were the Park employees and local residents of v. Kuganavolok.

During the seminar the SUPER project 2019 implementation results were presented: the park tourists gained the opportunity to sort waste into 4 fractions right at the recreational areas. Moreover, the seminar programme included a visit to the new equipped waste collection station in v. Kuganavolok. It is necessary to note that all the materials and equipment for the station were purchased within the CBC «Karelia» SUPER project.

A.Y. Gudym, director of Vodlozersky NP, said that «Separate waste collection and its recycling will allow resources reusing. And we hope that the SUPER project will be a good example for the Park visitors and that the project once again will draw attention to the environmental issues and natural resources conservation.