Video shoots on-going

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Film crew shooting video at different locations

Within the Biokarelia project, a short teaser video of the project theme will be made. The shoots are now on-going. 

The video will introduce both sides of forest fires - they are a threat but also very important for forest biodiversity. There is a need to develop technologies that can help in forecasting forest fires and that has been exactly the focus of the project.

Video shoots have now been done with Tuomo Puumalainen (Head of Information Services) from the project partner Arbonaut, Kaisa Junninen, Senior advisor in species conservation from Mets√§hallitus and Mika Viertola Fire chief from Lieksa.  Simana Oy and Osuuskunta Korpipaja are in charge of the filming process that has so far gone very smoothly. Later this week the project coordinator Evgeny Lopatin from Natural Resources Institute Finland will also be interviewed to sum up the project results and hopefully we will be able to do shoots in the coming weeks on a prescribed burning experiment in Ruunaa, Lieksa.

Biokarelia project is still on-going and will continue within the Finnish partners until the end of October. Joint decision was made not to further disseminate the project results though webinars. The remaining results of the project will be published as articles by the end of the project.