SUSWAM project raises environmental awareness via Clean Games

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Clean Games in Kajaani

On the 5th of  May SUSWAM organized Clean Games event for students of Kajaani pre-high school (lyseo), Kajaani central school and vocational college KAO. There were 339 participants of the game, among which 329 were actual players who formed 89 teams and were competing in collecting the street trash. The concept of Clean Games involves using the mobile app, which makes the game interactive and exciting for players to follow. Players earned additional points for taking pictures of the areas before and after the cleanups as well as wildlife photos. As a result of a one hour game 670 kg of mixed waste was collected in the city area. The winning teams were awarded the gift cards.

The concept of Clean Games was supported by the teachers of educational institutions, who briefed the kids on the game and the mobile application app. Clean Games proved to be an effective way to draw kids’ attention to the problem of littering and environmental pollution.

Clean Games were organized in cooperation with project partners Ekokymppi, Entrinki  and Kajaani City.