Sucessful waste collection in Kostomuksha

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Waste recycling in Kostomuksha

On the 2nd of October 2021, iron ore mining complex Karelsky Okatish initiated an event where Kostomuksha citizens could bring their waste for further recycling. The idea was supported by Kostomuksha City Administration, SUSWAM project, paint-ball club Red Fort, Recycling company Green Tek, Dmitrov tyre recycling company and organisation "Clean City". More than 600 people took part in the recycling initiative. 

Thus, Red Fort collected 100 kilos of batteries and 2 accumulators, 100 kilos of plastic, 12 kilo of plastic bottle caps and 350 kilos of paper. Green Tek collected car tyres, batteries, lamps. 

Citizens of Kostomuksha warmly welcomed the concept of separate waste collection and further recycling. Many people wished that such events would take place regularly.