Project REMAC in Russian Karelia taking steps forward

Submitted by outi.laatikain… on 11.06.2021 - 15.06

Project REMAC's purpose is to improve wastewater and sludge treatment in Russian Karelia and Kainuu. As part of the project in Kondopoga region, in the village of Tivdia, the environmental safety of wastewater and sludge treatment will be improved.

The situation of the various villages in Kondopoga region in terms of wastewater management has been thoroughly analyzed, and as a result it has been established that the village of Tivdia has the most acute need for reforms. The water treatment plant infrastructure in the village is severely outdated and currently poses a risk of environmental damage.

“The administration of the Kondopoga region is taking part in such an international project for the first time” says the Head of Kondopoga Town Administration. “This is a new and exciting experience. The Kondopoga region includes many small remote settlements, the infrastructure of which needs to be improved and optimized. We hope to get the best European experience from participating in this project.

Also the research and production company LLC RC Water Ecology, a remarkable operator in the field of water purification in Russian Karelia, is taking part in the project.

“RС "Water and Ecology" LLC has been working in the market of environmental technologies for 14 years. It is a great pleasure for us to be a participant in this project”, comments the director of LLC RC Water and Ecology Elena Grafova. “We have the opportunity to learn the strategy for the implementation of projects in the European Union, interact with the administrations of settlements, and learn and solve the problems of our region.”