Project meeting during capacity building event at Joensuu

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Project meeting at Joensuu during capacity building event

Our project participated a capacity building event organized by the managing authority at Joensuu 9. - 10. of October. The event was once again well organized and useful with workshops on e.g. photography, communication and financial reporting. The lessons learned can be fully utilized also in other projects outside Karelia CBC program.

Our team had very fruitful conversations on how the project is progressing under each organization: we have already managed to prepare recipe for granulated sludge fertilizer at the University of Oulu and the University of Eastern Finland is starting growth experiments with them. Petrozavodsk State University has tested sludge from Petrozavodsk Vodokanal as a soil enhancer and it works well. Also, feasibility studies of different technologies for sludge handling (e.g. composting, chemical stabilization and burning) are in the making among many other activities performed by project partners. All in all, our project is progressing very well!