Kalevala stories and spells

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InterActive History -hankkeen toinen tyƶpaja Iknonvaaran koululla (Ilomantsi)

The second workshop of InterActive History -project was organized 18th of April in Ilomantsi. At Iknonvaara school, the participating students got to know and use the online runic poetry archive - Suomen Kansan Vanhat Runot (SKVR). In addition, they started to work on material that will be used to create their own mobile guide.

The mobile guide will be made with the same platform as the one used in the project. It will be targeted towards the students of Pogosta School, since the idea of making their own mobile guide is to give further value to the workshop and give the students a chance to bring back something concrete to the local community. The theme of the guide will be runic poetry and Kalevala-related topics chosen by the students themselves. Some of the topics were for example birth of the world -story, bear in runic poetry and healing spells.

2th of May, in the final workshop, we will see what kind of media (video, sound, drawings, quiz) the students will use to create content for the mobile guide.