"Mail from Oulu to Karelia takes two weeks"- study on the state of E-commerce logistics

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LOGOKA- project has published a report by Joni Penttinen called "State of E-commerce logistics: Focus on Finland and Russia".  A parcel tracking experiment from Oulu to Petrozavodsk was conducted between February and June 2021.  Via Finnish Posti service it took 13-15 days to sent a parcel to/from Petrozavodsk. Using WCargo Oy the delivery time was 7 days. Based on the study, it is positive that all parcels reached its destination. However, the delivery times are long and tracking service system is something that current Finnish-Russian logistics services seem to lack of. The report also  highlights some previous studies relating to Finnish - Russian e-commerce and e-commerce logistics.  The current state of Russian e-commerce is presented. 

The English report is available: