Lake Pyaozero Fishing Query 2020 ended

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Pie chart showing that 30 % of the respondent live in Moscow area, 25 % in Loykhsky area, 21 % in Saint Petersburg, 7 % in petrozavodsk and 17 % in other cities. lake Pyaocero summer scenery in the background, with a fishing boat and three fishing rods.

 Project PRO TROUT ran a two-month web query to gain insight into the fishing culture and fishers of Lake Pyaozero in Russian Karelia. Participation was possible also with the good old pen-and-paper application, at Cafe Kakkara in Pyaozerskiy township.

Most of the questions probed the fisher's knowledge of the fishing regulations and ecology of the native brown trout. It typically  took 12 minutes for the respondents to complete the query.

Fisheries control officers responsible for inspections in Louhsky District assisted the project in drafting the query. Fishing practices and the most desired catch species were also queried about.

We are very happy with the number of replies, 119! In the graph you can see where the respondents live. Lake Pyaozero attracts a lot of fishing visitors from Moscow and St Petersburg.

The query will be repeated towards the end of the project period, to assess whether the project activities have been successful in increasing knowledge about sustainable fisheries and ecology of the native brown trout.

Pictured below: an advertisement of the query, published  on Christmas Eve 2020 on the project's VKontakte site.