Green school project: Ecocase in Valtimo school

Submitted by KA5030 on 25.11.2019 - 18.47

Margarida Martins, Hyvärilä´s volunteer from Portugal, visited Valtimo school on 7th November with Green School project coordinator Eila Lintunen:

”Environmental education programs are taking place on a mid-school, in Valtimo. Students have been using a special tool for assessment of environmental problems in a building. A suitcase with special instruments: the "Ecocase".

Project coordinator Eila Lintunen and teacher Kaisa Ahtola presented Green School project to students of 8th grade. This is the class where Valtimo school pilot team is formed.

Ecocase includes lots of equipment to assess environmental issues.

It's a very practical tool that allows students to evaluate the environmental conditions in their school, such as water consumption, intensity of light, temperature difference (example: between window and wall), CO2 levels or energy consumption. In this day (Nov. 7th), each team/group of students had the chance to discuss and reflect more about the results they got in their research so far. Eila Lintunen was there to hear about the results and help the students to proceed with the research."

Margarida Martins

Students have installed the water consumption meter in teachers´room and will write down the results (litres) every week.

Using laptops, students have already started reporting their research with numbers and photos.

Thank you Valtimo school class 8 and teacher Kaisa Ahtola!