Environmental observation in the Kainuu area

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Environmental observation is an important part of environmental safety, and in order for the observation to produce the best results, it should take place in all areas of society.

Before the Russian war in Ukraine, the PeatStop project developed a versatile mobile application for environmental observation together with Russian project partners. However, due to the world situation, the development was interrupted, and it will only continue in Finland now, more than half a year after the end of the cooperation with the Russian project partners. However, this does not mean that environmental observation cannot be done in any other way - or that there are not means for it.

Envirate, developed by the Finnish Treebuddy team, is available both online and as a mobile application. Envirate is a functional, simple application that allows the user to enter information about their environment regardless of location, based on the sense of smell, sight, and hearing. The entered information is registered in the system, and you can later examine it on the map, where the information appears as a colored button. The color of the piece is determined by the information entered; If the environment looks good, the button is green - and again, the more concerning the findings, the redder it becomes.

In the PeatStop project, the Envirate application is advertised to those close to nature - from fishing hobbyists to schoolchildren. The purpose is to improve the environmental safety of the area through observation, starting from the root.