The Ecocase helps to improve school and home environment

Submitted by KA5030 on 18.12.2020 - 14.23
Ecocase research

The students from Finland and Karelia Republic are working together in the Green School project. The project is supported by Karelia CBC Programme.

The Ecocase - a tool for evironmental research originally designed by the project - is piloted by the students in 6 schools. The schools represent the municipalities of Petrozavodsk, Medvezhiegorsk, Kostomuksha in Karelia Republic, Joensuu, Oulu and Valtimo in Finland.

Due to COVID-19 the project activities were implemented in the local areas in the year 2020. The students arranged environmental research in schools and households.

Every student can take the Ecocase home and check - is everything OK or not?

The Ecocase is equipped by several tools measuring the environment. Using the Lightmeter the students check is there enough light in the desk area and in the rooms. They also study the type of the lamps. The best idea is to replace old type lamps by LED type. 

Economy of water is a subject of research too. The students mesure water volume in the kitchen and shower. Then they make calculations and develop ideas to reduce water consumption.

Quality of air is measured by CO2 detector. The students walk around their apartments and discover the places with luck of fresh air. The problem is visible especially when people spend long time inside.

The thermal imager shows the places with heat loss. The students observe the thermal pictures around the doors, windows and corners. They compare the temperature in the rooms, the temperature of the heating batteries and results of the thermal imaging research. The ideas of reducing the heat loss are discussed with the family members.

The students fix the results of research in the special tables. They use this information to present the results of their research to their families and classmates.

The students from the School of Eastern Finland in Joensuu City prepared the video in 2 languages - Finnish and Russian. They told about the environmental improvements in their school, which have been done basing on their Ecocase research.

The students believe that in the year 2021 COVID-19 pandemia will come to the end and they'll get a chance to meet and share their experiences in Green school project. Let's hope!