Brown trout webinar in YouTube - now also in Russian

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Name of the webinar in Russian, with two spawning brown trout in shallow water as the background.

A Russian-translated and spoken version of the brown trout webinar held in December 2021 has now been published on Metsähallitus' YouTube channel Eräluvat

The webinar presentations were given by Ari Huusko, senior researcher at Luke, and Anssi Vainikka,  professor at the University of Eastern Finland.

The original webinar recording in Finnish can be found on the same channel.

"Ari Huuskon webinaarissa esittämä tulos vetouistelemalla Venäjän Pääjärvestä saatujen taimensaaliiden muutoksesta 1990-luvulta 2020-luvulle."

 Ari Huusko presented in the webinar how brown trout catches from the Lake Pyaozero in Russia have changed from the 1990's to the 2020's.


In the webinar, Anssi Vainikka showed his modeling results on the effects of regulating river fishing mortality on the size of the trout spawning stock in the Oulankajoki watershed and on the catches that can be fished sustainably.