Updates from the year 2023

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News and project communication of the year 2023

18th Jan, 2023: Training at work (Škoda Transtech Ltd, Otanmäki, Kajaani) 

Project manager Gennady Rykhov, KAO's head lecturer Veikko Korhonen and Transtech personnel manager Hannele Hurskainen witnessed the training of the students of Kainuu Vocational College as part of the MetalBoost project. The training and training process in actual work environment at the factory is progressing according to plans. The factory employees' evaluations of the students' work at the workplace are positive. During the meeting, the participants exchanged useful views on the training sessions.

3rd Feb, 2023: The visit at Škoda Transtech with KAO students

"The visit was well organized, thanks to the presenters. We were introduced to moving around the factory and occupational safety matters. We got familiar with making parts, the work stations, and got to interview employees.

The students gave good feedback and were interested. We are planning another visit for week seven." - Veikko Korhonen, head lecturer

Kainuun Ammattiopiston metallialan opiskelijat vierailevat Skodan tehtaalle.
KAO Metal Students visiting Škoda Transtech's factory in Otanmäki, Kajaani, Finland.


7th Feb 2023: KAMK has published a video series on MetalBoost, the first published video focusing on Mehi Ltd

The CEO of Mehi Ltd, Urpo Kovalainen, presented his speech "Companies' workforce, availability and need" at the Ministry of Labor's event in Kajaani, Congress and Culture Center Kaukametsä.

Below is a video published about Mehi Oy.


16th Feb, 2023: Karelia CBC programme officials' visit in Kajaani

As part of the evaluation of the MetalBoost project, representatives of the project funder Karelia CBC visited Kajaani under the leadership of the program director Henna-Mari Laurila. The authorities visited the Škoda Transtech factory in Otanmäki, performed financial monitoring at KAMK and got to familiarize themselves to the production workshops and training at KAO.

KAO's MetalBoost project partnership coordinator Keijo Kinnunen answered questions about the visit:

How was the visit?
- "The visit went really well. The guests were interested in the activities of Kainuu Vocational College and Edukai Mechanical and Production Technology."

What did you show the guests?
- "The mechanical and production technology teachers first presented the machine shop and machine installation facilities, the storage system, the latest machines and equipment and their operation and the products that are made as student workshops. The administrative authorities were able to virtually try manual machining with 3D glasses and were excited about the topic. Next, we moved to the plate and welding side, Veikko presented the premises of this side, the storage system, machines, equipment and student work. After, we got coffee and had a casual discussion about the project and the future of mechanical and production technology. After the coffee, we moved to the conference room, where Keijo presented the activities of Kainuu Vocational College and Edukai Oy in general in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. At the end of the event, Veikko presented a personal story about Daniil Detsiuk. The guests were very satisfied and grateful for the visit and the gift."

What interested the guests?
- "As far as I'm concerned, everything we presented"

Karelia CBC- ohjelman hallintoviranomaisen tutustumiskierros Skoda Transtech Oy:n tehtaalla.
Karelia CBC programme officials at the Škoda Transtech's factory in Otanmäki.

17th Feb, 2023: KAO group visit at Škoda Transtech in Otanmäki

"We visited Škoda with sheet metal welding students and got to know the factory and its operations. We were very satisfied with the visit. Škoda is a good training place for students, there are versatile jobs there." - Veikko Korhonen, head lecturer

 Kainuun Ammattiopiston metallialan opiskelijat vierailevat Skodan tehtaalla mukana KAOn opettajat ja Transtechin tuotantoinsinööri (vasemmalla).
KAO metallurgy students visited the Škoda factory. KAO's teachers and Transtech's production engineer (on the left) are present.


21st Feb, 2023: MetalBoost partners KAMK, KAO and Škoda Transtech at a workshop about metal business in Kainuu

The workshop was aimed especially at metal industry businesses, operators and development experts in the Kainuu area, and the training organizers and representatives of the regional and labor administration. The aim of the workshop was to outline the future of the metal industry in the medium term (10 years). The work is based on the methods of future research, and it produces alternative future images of current and future competence needs. The workshop served as a tool for mapping skills needs and as a basis for strategic thinking for Kainuu's metal industry.

The workshop will be implemented by the Future Skills - Kainuu foresight project together with the Future Research Center of the University of Turku. The workshop was the starting point for mapping future competence needs, and they will continue to be worked on as the project progresses.

Metallialan tulevaisuustyöpaja
Kainuu's future metal business workshop, 21st February 2023, Sokos Hotel Valjus

14th March 2023: MetalBoost project and a meeting with Kainuu ELY Center's project leader and project planner

The guests got to familiarize themselves KAO's metalwork department.

Project manager Gennady Rykhov held a presentation of the project, and videos about metal industry companies in Kainuu. KAO representatives Keijo Kinnunen and Veikko Korhonen told about KAO's professional training and work in the MetalBoost project.

The participants of the meeting discussed cooperation proposals with the ELY Center based on cooperation signals.

"Thanks for an interesting meeting. We got good pictures which we plan to use in communication. Similarly, we are going to share your presentation videos and introduce the project in a different matter. The metal industry serves as a good example in strengthening the image of industries and more", said Taina Leinonen, the project manager of ELY Center.

MetalBoost and ELY at KAO
MetalBoost and ELY Center at KAO's metalwork department


28th March, 2023: ELY Centre, workshop:  ”The education and labor supply in Kainuu”

• Education supply and starting places for education in Kainuu
• Brightening the image of employers and industries as well as educational institutions
• Increasing the employment rate (prevention and working time)

Gennady Rykhov, project manager of the MetalBoost project, together with Keijo Kinnunen from Kainuu Vocational College, participated in the workshop "Education and labor supply in Kainuu" as chairmen of the "Brightening the image of business sectors and educational institutions" working group:

What are the most important measures to improve the attraction and holding power of jobs and study places in Kainuu's key industries?

the most important measures to improve the attraction and holding power of jobs and study places in Kainuu's key industries
A list of the the most important measures to improve the attraction and holding power of jobs and study places in Kainuu's key industries
ELY Center, MetalBoost, Keijo Kinnunen speaking
28th March 2023,  ELY Center, MetalBoost, Keijo Kinnunen speaking

14th April, 2023: Training to become a workplace instructor

Within the framework of the project, distance learning invitations to become workplace instructors were sent to representatives of metal industry companies in the Kainuu region.
The training acquires the skills of a mentor to work with novice employees directly at the workplace. https://devmoodle.kamit.fi/course/view.php?id=3859

5th May, 2023: Greetings from KAO and the Metal Boost project to the teachers of upper secondary schools in Kainuu:

"The Metal Boost project aims to bring new employees to metal industry companies in Kainuu and to inspire young people to apply for the industry. The videos made in the project will be found on KAMK's YouTube channel - I hope you can use them in your tutoring classes for eighth graders."

15th and 16th May, 2023: Introduction of eighth graders to vocational training

The event was organized at KAO in cooperation with the MetalBoost project. This concerned trips to get to know KAO's metalworking department. Interested schoolchildren tried welding on the simulator and also watched the "machine fleet" and the presentation of the assembly and installation department.

"8th graders at KAO"
Picture: Kajaani 8th graders inspecting KAO's metalwork hall.

8th June, 2023: Results of training at workplaces

The project partners held a discussion and summarized the results of the KAO students' internship at the Škoda factory in the period between December 2022 to February 2023.
We have developed training at workplaces, and a good example of that is the development of training implemented at Skoda, which started last year at the turn of 2022.
At the moment, Skoda has five apprentices working in parts manufacturing and tasks related to the use of robots. For next fall, Skoda is planning to increase student internships, especially for welding and equipping rail equipment.