Rantsun seiskat goes Utra exhibition has opened in North Karelian Museum

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Museum Director Tarja Raninen-Siiskonen opens the exhibition Rantsun seiskat goes Utra

Rantakylä Teacher Training School and North Karelian Museum’s InterActive History project organized in cooperation project weeks for 7th grade students and results can be seen in a new exhibition in North Karelian museum.

The project weeks were implemented during the autumn semester 2019 and theme was the history of Utra district in Joensuu. During the five project weeks, over 40 students studied contents of subjects history and Finnish language. Students also got a chance to get to know original photo and text materials from the museum collection. A visit to Utra old school building was also included into the study module and there students had a workshop about old time school lesson. Old materials and modern digital learning environments were combined during the study module.

Outcome of the project weeks can be seen in RANTSUN SEISKAT GOES UTRA exhibition in the North Karelian museum’s entrance hall gallery 31 January – 8 March 2020. The exhibition consists of posters, illustrations and text produced by students and they have created characters based on the colorful history of Utra district’s industrial community and its members. The exhibition includes also videos made by students.

This type of cooperation between school and museum is very inspiring, and it enables introducing local history in a versatile way to students. Teachers Anniina Kariniemi and Janne Heiskanen from Rantakylä Teacher Training School, and intendant Iiris Heino and project coordinator Reetta-Mari Kellokoski from North Karelian museum were responsible of the planning and implementation of the study module.

Photo: Museum Director Tarja Raninen-Siiskonen opens the exhibition.

Photographer: Tommi Rautio/ City of Joensuu.