Project PeatStop in Kainuu - A pilot for oxygenating Kaupunginlampi

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Outi L. and Kai T. installing the oxygenation pilot, August 2021

Project PeatStop is taking steady steps forward on both areas of operation. In August 2021, the oxygenation pilot which was tested in Vimpelinlampi around November 2020, was installed in Kaupunginlampi, a medium-sized pond near the Kajaani City Center, on a public, very popular recreation area. 

The pilot will stay working hard in the Kaupunginlampi for approximately three months, and during this time the water quality is tested every other week by the laboratory staff at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, so we will be able to keep a close eye on the process.

In the picture the PeatStop project leader Outi is setting up the oxygenation pilot in Kaupunginlampi, with precious help from a project engineer, Kai Tiihonen. At least this time the water wasn't as cold as it was in November!