The project team has returned from vacation

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                                              Команда проекта вернулась из отпуска

The summer holidays of the team members of the international project "New Horizons of Culture" have ended and it is time to start a new stage in our joint work.

On August 19, an online meeting of the project team "New Horizons of Culture" of the Karelian Institute for the Development of Education with Finnish partners took place.

The project manager –vice-rector of the Institute E. Bogdanova-welcomed the participants of the meeting and told about the preparation for the promotion of the project over the summer period in the difficult restrictive conditions of 2021.

Elena Bogdanova thanked her colleagues for their joint work on the formation of programs, adjustment of joint action plans, and also offered options for summarizing the results and information support for discussion.

Expert Tatyana Gavrilova will conduct the planned trainings and seminars for teachers and parents on August 24, 2021 at the Republican August socio-pedagogical Forum "Education in the regional education system: new social challenges, new contexts, new solutions". The forum will be held in full-time and in absentia.

The project team is actively planning work for the beginning of the new academic year.