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Команда проекта «Новые горизонты культуры», который реализуется при финансовой поддержке Программы приграничного сотрудничества «Карелия», 30 июня подвела итоги за полугодие. Были отмечены социально значимые мероприятия, осуществленные в непростых условиях пандемии.   Предварительно руководитель проекта Елена Богданова, проректор Карельского института развития образования, обсудила с коллегами, полученные результаты и корректировки планом на следующий учебный год.   За этот период была проведена экспертиза

The team of the New Horizons of Culture project, which is being implemented with the financial support of the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program, summed up the results for the half-year on June 30.

Socially significant activities carried out in the difficult conditions of the pandemic were noted.

Previously, the project manager Elena Bogdanova, vice-rector of the Karelian Institute for the Development of Education, discussed with colleagues the results obtained and the adjustments to the plan for the next academic year.

During this period, an examination and selection of adapted additional programs were carried out for placement on the website "New Horizons of Culture" - 10 programs. Software developers are currently testing these programs, implementing them in their organizations.

12 teachers of additional education of the Republic were trained at the distance courses "Focus on the solution" according to the program implemented jointly with Finnish colleagues.

The II Republican school Student Conference "My achievements" for students with special educational needs was held on the basis of the pilot site of the GBOU "Boarding School No. 24". 13 students and 9 teachers from schools of the Republic and Petrozavodsk presented interesting and informative educational and research works. The conference materials are presented on the website "New Horizons of Culture"

At school No. 25. Master classes were organized and held in Petrozavodsk for children with mental retardation and hearing disorders and their parents.

Master classes for children, parents and teachers were held at school No. 38, No. 9 in Petrozavodsk

For 29 teachers of additional education of the Republic, training was held under the program "Technologies for supporting students with disabilities in additional education". The leading teachers were the teachers of the Institute of Correctional Pedagogy of the RAO Moscow.

These are not all the activities carried out within the framework of the project.

The project participants expressed hope for fruitful and productive cooperation in September, and also wished each other a good rest in the summer.